Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, University College Cork

  1. Applicants must apply online via our website (http://uccsplaslang.ucc.ie/) to secure a place in our courses. Given the current pandemic, this is the only form of payment available.

  2. Places cannot be held and are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Early booking is advised as numbers are strictly limited.

  3. Closing Registration Dates for our courses are advertised on our Language Courses Website, (http://uccsplaslang.ucc.ie/)

  4. A place on the course cannot be guaranteed to applicants enquiring after the closing date, and it is the Department’s ultimate decision to accept late applications.

  5. Our courses are self-financing and will only run subject to a minimum number of enrolled applicants.

  6. Fees paid for courses that go ahead are non-refundable. Deferring options are available (see point 13 on deferrals/refunds)

  7. Applicants only get a refund if the course they applied for does not go ahead.

  8. Payments are made via UCC’s Online Shop through this link: http://uccshop.ie/product-category/online- bookings/splas/

  9. Confirmation of payment is received via e-mail right after purchasing a course at UCC’s Online Shop. This e-mail is your payment receipt and your guarantee that you have a place on the given course.

  10. Registered applicants are informed via e-mail when the status of their course is confirmed, approximately a week before the course’s starting date.

  11. This second confirmation e-mail is sent by the Evening Language Courses Coordinator, and it includes important details such as venue, materials, etc.

  12. Deferrals/Refunds (i). If applicants decide to defer or request a refund, they can do so provided they have a valid reason to do so and notify the Department before the third session of the purchased course. Applicants can only defer the registration once, and courses can only be deferred to the next application period. (i.e. Spring to Summer, Summer to Autumn, Autumn to Spring)

  13. Deferrals/Refunds (ii) Covid19. With the current pandemic, courses initially advertised as running on campus may have to be moved to (a) blended onsite/online format or (b) fully online format. Contrary to popular believe, this type of teaching is equally (if not more) costly to the department and more resources need to be brought in to make them happen. In the same way that the staff of the department is fully committed to delivering excellent online content and maintain the same quality standards as on campus, we expect students to understand that such a change in course format responds to our commitment to ensure student’s and staff’s safety at all costs. Therefore, the fact that a course moves to online format will not qualify as a reason to request a deferral or a refund.

Further registration enquiries not addressed in this document can be directed to splas@ucc.ie